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“Live the Life You’ve Imagined”

So many of us are waiting. Waiting for a new year. Waiting until we lose weight. Waiting until we have enough money.

But isn’t waiting just our way of deflecting insecurities, doubt and even (gasp) FEAR!

Of course it is.

We all do it. We delay the our own happiness because we are afraid to fail.

One of the things I love about my journey over the past year is that I am really delving into personal growth. Through blogging with MommyWurk and training I receive with Rodan + Fields, I have learned a concept called failing forward. John C. Maxwell coined the phrase in his book Failing Forward – Turning failures into the stepping stones for success.

He states that the difference between an average person and a person that consistently achieves success isn’t luck, it is how they perceive failure.

Live the life you have imaginedMy wish for all of us in 2016 is to stop the waiting game and to start living the life we imagine. How am I doing that? I started with a journal. I am using the journal to chronicle my wildest dreams as if they have already occurred. Then I reread passages every night in order to envision this amazing year.

How are you going kick off 2016? Are you going to stop waiting and dare to achieve those bigger than life dreams?

Peace, Love & No Fear,




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10 Side Jobs to Make money & Help Pay Off Debt

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There are times when we have to realize that our paychecks will only go so far. After penny pinching to make you budget work, you still might be living paycheck-to-paycheck. This type of lifestyle is bearable for a time but not ideal long-term. In order to accelerate your financial goals, additional income may be the resolution you need. But who has extra time? My response to those who approach me with such an inquiry is to ask them about their daily activities. If you missed one episode of your favorite show or had lunch at your desk twice a week instead of out with friends, could you commit 1-2hours/ week to get financial free? Let’s do it!

Seasonal Retail Jobs – Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

These two are self explanatory! My suggestion, sell where you shop and watch the animals you like best (cats vs dogs). You can even search for positions online!~

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Home Health Aide

This position can also be called a Patient Care Technician an often require no training or experience. What is the ideal person great for this job? If you are looking for a flexible schedule and are patient enough to assist the elderly and/or disabled with everyday tasks, you can make this position work for you! There are a variety of companies that often post for these jobs and rightfully so! Many people who get these jobs, because they do not require training or experience, are not necessarily interested in working in this field long term…and their attitude on the job shows it! Get your attitude and patience in order, make sure you can lift a small person, and keep your personal vehicle serviced in order to pull off this type of employment.

Referral Programs

Companies such as Ebate, Liberty Tax, and ADT Security Systems offer programs you can join for no/low cost in order to make some extra money. They actually pay you promote their services with fairly easy to use tools and instructions. That means, you’d take the time to sign up and discuss what they have to offer to a potential customer – a neighbor who just suffered from a break in, has collectibles in their home to sell, or recently divorced without a clue on how to file their income taxes. There are other services that although you may use them for discount shopping, travel, or managing your health, if you were to refer 5 other customers you’d get your own service for free each month. This could provide you with automatic savings monthly which can add up very quickly.


You do not have to me a Math whiz or finance major to make some extra money as a tutor. We have to thinking of entrepreneurship as a way to help others do what you know how to do naturally. Tutoring is a good example of that. Are you bilingual? Are you aware of the many organizations looking for YOU? At times companies exclude other required skills like a degree and experience in order to hire someone with the language skills their industry requires. Offer tutoring first through your contacts in your industry or even businesses you frequent in order to build a great resume for tutoring. Not sure of how to get started? I obtained an English degree because I thought I’d be teaching high school English in the Chicago Public School system. Obviously my plans changed but I continue to offer my proofreading, editing, blogging, and content management services as a consultant.

Home-Based Business

There are many options for home-based businesses to choose from. My advice would be to look into possible opportunities that come natural to you. Are you into making other women feel beautiful? Research Direct Sales companies such as Avon and Mary Kay. You can often get started for under $50 without requiring you to purchase equipment or stock. Are you a coffee lover who’s health conscious? Do you have a network of business owners and entrepreneurs? Are you looking to lose weight? Want to offer an innovative way for your church to keep in touch with contacts? Do you enjoy traveling and saving money while you shop your favorite stores? Believe it or not, you can promote all of the above products and services under one company! Join my team for my consistent support, training, and the possibility of residual income.

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Virtual Assistance

Although I’ve dabbled in virtual assistance, I did not know there was an actual term for it! These skills are for those who have a knack for customer service, email management, document management, organization, and the typical office duties of almost any company. I would suggest offer to ‘help’ and organization with an upcoming project and set an hourly rate that you would expect to work on the project with a projected end date for the client’s needs. This could be arranged based on your financial needs or the requirements of the project in question. You can then ask the client to be a reference and continue to build on your resume. This make cost you extra time on the phone, the need for a home office, or additional an additional data plan for your smart phone.

Virtual Garage Sales

Ebay has an interesting option for those seeking to get rid of the clutter in their home. Of course, their system is proven and shipping is attached to the entire process which makes it easier than ever to sale items online. There is no need to necessarily ‘market’ your product. Instead, just posting a picture detailed description can be enough for a customer. Another avenue is to join local Mommy groups on facebook where Moms trade, sell, and purchase items all the time. Some groups are sponsored by a local hospital, medical center, social service agency, church, or nonprofit. There have been times when a co-worker of mine was selling an item I was interested in for my daughter and the only way I knew was from her post online! We do not always have time to discuss everything we need or everything we have with everyone around us – this is where these groups are extremely helpful.

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Etsy & Flea Market/Community Farmer’s Market

If you have a skill for making things that other people could or just find completely enjoyable, this option is one for you! Although many crafty people I know attend Flea Markets, they lack an online presence. Etsy is another option for posting and sharing your products and many customers are already waiting to buy crafts and unique gifts. This is also good for people who are not so social media savvy to get a full website together. It is also a great way to involve family and friends who are not local but still want to support your business – just send out the link to your Etsy page!

Well there you have it! My top 10 side jobs to make money & help pay off debt. Let me know if you pursue any of the above. I’d like to get your feedback at ladiSims55[at] to celebrate with you as you pursue your financial goals!

~be blessed

Let me know how I can improve your world~


Dear Dogs Who Live In My Home,

Dear Dogs Who Live in My Home:

I know life has not been easy the past two years. As our family has grown the time and attention you receive has decreased. It isn’t that we don’t love you. We do, but there are little mouths to feed, little books to read and we barely have time to pee.

Yesterday the two year old wanted to poop like a dog in the yard and I paused for a moment wondering if that would save us time, before I said “People poop in potties.”

So dear pups, as you can see I am a little batty: batty enough to have three dogs, two children two and under, a full time job and a blog batty

Please remember that I still feed you. I still bath you. I bought you those super nice foam beds so you wouldn’t get on the couch.

Speaking of couch… If you would cooperate a little I would have more time to spend with you. For example, stop chewing up the paper towels. The bigger the mess, the more time I have to spend cleaning it up and that is less time I can spend with you.

Also, the whole marking your territory thing is not working for me. Please stop. No, really I mean it. STOP.  You might be animals, but peeing in our house is only making me angry. All three of you are seriously old enough to know better and not old enough to have bladder control problems. We went several years without peeing in the house, so I know you can do it. I believe in you.

I do love you and when the boys are a little older they will play with you more and I will have more time to cuddle with you like I use to.

So let’s just agree not to make life harder on each other and I promise to give you more treats. Sound like a plan?

Desperate Puppy & Human Mother

Peace, Love & No More Dog Pee,


When Breast is Not Best

“Breast is best!” How many times have you heard that slogan? Although I am an advocate for breastfeeding moms, I do believe that every woman has to make her own decision about what is best for her and her baby. There are no right answers. Repeat, there are no right answers.

When Baby C2 was born I had him at a hospital that was competing for the title of “Baby Friendly Organization.” One of the pillars of being baby friendly is that all moms leave breastfeeding their babies. This is an idealistic goal, but definitely not a realistic goal. Baby C2 had borderline low blood sugar. In order to be discharged they had to have a specific reading three times in a row. Whenever his blood sugar fell below the desired number they would provide us some formula. When he drank the formula in combination with nursing the number would go up, but when I would nurse exclusively the number would go down. There was a simple reason for this. My milk had not come in yet. Despite pumping and nursing it just wasn’t happening yet. This is why his blood sugar would drop. I didn’t have anything, but a few drops of colostrum to feed the poor child.

I knew from H’s birth that it took three to four days for my milk to “come in.” So I knew exactly why we were having this problem. When I asked the nurse for formula I received a huge lecture about how breastfeeding was important and the best way to feed your baby. The second time Andy stepped in and tried to get formula and the nurse lectured him. The third time Baby C2’s blood sugar dropped I had had enough.

In an angry voice I said, “The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. I don’t have milk yet, so his blood sugar will continue to drop. Bring me formula, now.”

I was fortunate. A few days later my milk came in and I was able to breastfeed BabyC2 without even needing to pump from that day forward. However, it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes your milk doesn’t come in, you don’t produce enough, your baby has an allergy… The list goes on and on. Sometimes, the stress of wanting to breastfeed prevents it from being easy or possible. I remember the shock and dismay that I felt because this nurse was so rude about the choices I was trying to make for my baby. Every family has unique needs. Every baby is unique. No woman should be made to feel badly or less than for choosing to breastfeed or to use formula.BOG-22902-3

Just like with H, I will probably need to supplement for Baby C2 at some point before he starts whole milk. Before I picked a formula I was comfortable with, I did a lot of research. Most infant formulas, even organic formulas, use high fructose corn syrup. I was so disheartened. As a family we have decided to eat organic, real food whenever possible so choosing an organic formula was very important to me. The Cornucopia Institute provided me with some great information about how to pick the best organic formula for H and so I am sharing with you this wonderful guide by Charlotte Vallaeys. She provides detailed information and even graphs to help you quickly access and choose the best organic choice for you.

GUIDE: Finding the Safest Organic Infant Formula 

Peace, Love and Choosing What is Best For Your Family,


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