Mommy Rx


As we were getting ready for school this morning, Junior complained of a headache.  Being the caring, great, fantastic, spectacular and wonderful mother that I am, I measured out 2 tsp of children’s acetaminophen, rushed him to drink it and we scooted out the door approximately 3 minutes behind schedule.  I had every intention of sending his teacher an email letting her know that he had complained of a headache before leaving for school and to call me if he continued to complain.  Being the busy, hardworking, overwhelmed, stressed mom that I am, I totally forgot!  Not even an hour later my phone rang.  My first thought, “Please don’t let this be the school calling me to pick up Junior because he is sick.”  Am I a bad mom?  Have you ever been there?


So, I asked them to give me 15 minutes and I would be right there to pick him up.  When I got to the school they called him back to the office.  He had to go back to his classroom to get his backpack and homework.  As soon as he saw me his eyes welled up with tears.  He’s my dramatic child.  In his defense, he got it from his mama. 😬  (For real, I was the thespian in my family, growing up.)  I immediately gave him a hug and assured him that I would take care of him and help him get better.  You didn’t know I am an M.D.?  A Mommy Doctor, that is.  😉


On the way home he asked if he could watch TV when we got home.  (Rule #1: No TV or video games during the school week.) Rx #1: TV and video games when you come home from school sick.  Rx #2: Would you like Mommy to fix you some hot tea?  Rx #3:  Let me sit beside you on the couch.


A few minutes later, I asked, “How do you feel?  Are you feeling better now?”  His perfectly-rehearsed response, “Yes, ma’am.  A little bit.”.  Of course, you don’t want to feel too much better.  You might have to go back to school.  After an afternoon of being nursed back to health, along with some more meds Junior seems to be feeling just fine.  However, he manages to sprinkle in just the right amount of,  “Ooooh, my head hurts.” at just the right times.  😆

Sometimes moms make the best doctors!

Until next time-

But He was  wounded for our transgressions, He  was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.
(Isaiah 53:5 NKJV)

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