The Prescriptive Way to Have a Baby

What I loved about our fertility treatment was the prescriptive, scheduled way that everything happened. We did X, Y & Z and then we waited to find out if we were pregnant. There was no guessing. There was no, “let’s try one more time this month just in case.”

The instructions my Reproductive Endocrinologist gave me were perfect for my type A personality.  Honestly, I was surprised at how simple everything was and how easy the steps were to follow. Sample instructions: Ovulation

  1.  A series of ultrasounds will be done to determine where you are in your cycle. The lining of the uterus and the readiness of your ovary will be reviewed. Once the timing is appropriate, you will told when to start your ovulation drugs.
  2. Femara, a drug to help with ovulation is prescribed first. You will take the drug three days before inducing ovulation. This helps the ovary produce the egg.
  3. Based on your ultrasounds we will provide you a date to give yourself an Ovidrel shot. This shot will induce ovulation.
  4. Finally, you will have timed intercourse after the shot is given at intervals specified by your physician.

During the whole process I continued with the acupuncture. As I mentioned before, I felt like it was helping and I wanted to give our potential baby every advantage possible. It is odd and a little comforting to know this level of detail. Now all we have to do is wait.

Peace, Love & Micromanagement,


Image credit: Babymed.com

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