failing forward

“Live the Life You’ve Imagined”

So many of us are waiting. Waiting for a new year. Waiting until we lose weight. Waiting until we have enough money.

But isn’t waiting just our way of deflecting insecurities, doubt and even (gasp) FEAR!

Of course it is.

We all do it. We delay the our own happiness because we are afraid to fail.

One of the things I love about my journey over the past year is that I am really delving into personal growth. Through blogging with MommyWurk and training I receive with Rodan + Fields, I have learned a concept called failing forward. John C. Maxwell coined the phrase in his book Failing Forward – Turning failures into the stepping stones for success.

He states that the difference between an average person and a person that consistently achieves success isn’t luck, it is how they perceive failure.

Live the life you have imaginedMy wish for all of us in 2016 is to stop the waiting game and to start living the life we imagine. How am I doing that? I started with a journal. I am using the journal to chronicle my wildest dreams as if they have already occurred. Then I reread passages every night in order to envision this amazing year.

How are you going kick off 2016? Are you going to stop waiting and dare to achieve those bigger than life dreams?

Peace, Love & No Fear,




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