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I bought a van… With a heavy groan, I have to admit that I now drive a minivan. I get it. They are perfect for toting small children and lots of stuff, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I miss my sleek, silver and white Lexus. It was a little bit of luxury, could turn on a dime and was the smoothest ride. Now, I bump along in a minivan that looks like a place where a cheddar bunny and O cereal massacre occurred.

Despite the completely uncool factor that minivans possess, they are so practical and easy for the family to use that it kind of makes up for making us look completely suburban dorks. Top 5 ways that my minivanĀ is awesome are:

1. The cupholders: The minivan has a huge amount of cupholders. They are everywhere. I can reach six from my seat alone. This comes in handy when you are carrying around formula, milk, juice and water for the toddler and infant.

2. The seats fold down: If you have ever thought you needed more storage space for all of your kiddo stuff the minivan is your answer. The seats can fold down to accommodate almost any type of cargo. Double stroller, wagon or crazy kid toy needs are no longer a problem in this hauling machine.

3. It is a mini bus: Fold those bad boy seats back up and you can haul at least eight people with a certain degree of comfort.

4. Accessibility: Your young tikes will quickly learn how to climb in and out on their own making safety in the parking lot much easier.

5. Road Trips: Because of all of the space, even when the van is loaded down you have plenty of leg room and lots of ability to get the kids in and out without a lot of hassle. This makes those long road trips a little more bearable for everyone.

Do you own a minivan? Do you love it or like me do you believe it is a necessary evil?

Peace, Love & Moving Tiny Humans,