Western Versus Eastern Medicine

Anyone with kids, especially in daycare, spends a lot of time at the doctor. When I was on maternity leave with Baby C2 I was literally at a physician’s office with someone in our family two to three times a week. 

I believe in Eastern medicine concepts, especially in conjunction with Western medicine. However, I am much more willing to try Eastern approaches on myself. When it comes to my children I want to be certain that there will be no harm and I want them to feel better as quickly as possible.

When we were trying to get pregnant with H, I was doing Accupuncture. I still believe this helped the process immensely. (Stay tuned for my blog post series on infertility.) However, I would be hesitant to treat one of my children with Accupuncture especially exclusively. I am not saying I should be hesitant. It is just not something I would think of right away. 

Baby C2 has had a time with his ears. Basically he has had an infection since December. He got tubes in February, but alas they were not the miracle they were for H. So here we are still battling an infection. I had some friends mention chiropractic care. I am not sure how I feel about it. A part of me is skeptical. I understand how it would help you with back or neck pain, but ear infections? Given the situation we are currently in, I am not going to rule it out.

What are your thoughts? Have you used Eastern medicine with your children? What was the outcome? 

I love learning from you.

Peace, Love and What’s Best for our Children,