Building a Construction Birthday Party

(Links to all of the items I used are at the bottom of the post)

For those of you who read regularly, you are well aware of my Pinterest Party obsession. When I was looking for inspiration for H’s birthday party it didn’t take me long to realize that a construction theme was the way to go! What little boy doesn’t love trucks?Construction birthday party

Once I picked out the theme I had to decide how to decorate. I choose to cover the house in caution tape. The kind you can buy for kids parties wasn’t enough so I went with a larger roll from Home Depot. I covered the tables in grey burlap and I bought orange construction signs to go around the house and on the door. I also purchased small black board Construction birthday partyeasels at Michael’s to label the tables. Finally, I purchased a ton of different types of construction trucks. I tried to find them on sale and we let them serve as H’s birthday present from us. I also  used them in and around for décor and ways to hold food and favors.

Next up was the invitation. I wanted something that was Construction birthday partyunique and had the ability to be personalized. That is why I turned to one of my favorite online shops, Etsy.

Now I had to decide what all of these kiddos were going to do for 2 hours. I wanted to have several construction themed activities that were fun and age appropriate for two year olds. After doing some research I decided on three main activities. The first one was a wrecking ball crane. I just knew that all of the kids would love stacking and crashing box bricks with the Construction birthday partycrane. As an added bonus both the boxes and the crane became an added décor piece. The second activity I decided on was an obstacle course using cones and dump trucks. We set this up in our living room with enough space to allow all the children to run the trucks through around and in between the cones. The third, and most popular, activity was a construction themed sandbox. The kids just had a blast.

One of my favorite parts of any event is creating the cake. I like the cake to be the center piece of any partyand I prefer to have the perfect cake not just a cake that will feed the number of people I am serving. That is why I went with a three tiered option. I found some inspiration on Google for Construction birthday party cakethe design and then worked with a local bakery to create a topsy, turvy, sugary mountain of fun!

Fun party favors can add a lot to a party. I wanted a station for the kids to pick up their construction supplies. I decided they all needed construction hats, tool belts, plastic tools and of course trucks! To add a little personal touch I added H2 to each of the hats and tool belts in honor of H’s second birthday.

Last, but certainly not least, is the food. We had the party in the late afternoon so we weren’t supplying a meal. I ordered Pizza from Jet’s and asked them to cut it into bite sizes. Construction birthday partyPerfect for little hands. I cut up a ton of fresh strawberries, blueberries and kiwi to make a fruit salad and we also had Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. In addition, I added some fun and colorful candy including Swedish Fish, jelly beans and Hershey’s kisses. Everything had to be peanut free and with candy you have to be careful.

I hope you enjoyed! What are your favorite birthday party creations?

Peace, Love and Building a Party,


All images were shot by Lora Denton Photography. 

How to Create Your Own Construction Party:  (None of these are paid endorsements)

Construction tape link:

Grey burlap: Any local fabric store

Construction sign link:

Link for the Etsy invitation I preferred:

Crane instructions: had a wonderful tutorial on how to construct the wrecking ball crane:

Brick boxes: For months before the party I stashed away boxes of all shapes and sizes. Anytime I ordered anything I kept the box. Then during the last few weeks I wrapped them in brick wrapping paper which I bought on

Dump truck obstacle course: I purchased both of these on Amazon. The key was making sure the dump trucks were large enough and that I had enough cones. I purchased 2 sets of the cones and 2 dump trucks.

Cone link:

Dump truck link:

Construction sand box: I bought the sand box from Little Tikes. We needed a sand box anyway so I wasn’t worried about the added expense. The sand I picked up at my local Lowes. It took 2 bags to fill the box and I put a little extra in for good measure. 

Construction hats:

Tool belts: gave me the best idea for how to make get these tool belts cheaply and easily. Home Depot sells them for just $0.77!

Plastic tools: