MommyWurk.com was born out of the desire of two former co-workers turned friends to create an online space for moms to gather: to educate, empower and encourage one another.  As working outside of the home moms (WOTHM), Kristen and Alexis realized they shared similar challenges, choices and concerns.  Balancing motherhood and a career can be overwhelming at times.  Trying to juggle the needs of ‘babies’ and the expectations of bosses can wear anybody out.  How does one master being a soccer mom and a successful mom?   Do I  work on this project or help my toddler go potty?  When will I have time to plan meals when I have to plan the weekly team meeting?  How can I take my child to his/her doctor’s appointment if I have an important sales appointment?  Whose opinion matters more: my baby’s or my boss’?  As working moms, we battle with these questions and make these types of decisions everyday. We also realize that all moms work. Whether you are a stay at home mom (SAHM), a WOTHM or work from home mom (WFHM) we ALL work.

Let’s unite and use mommywurk.com as our online space. We are here to ease the pain. Consider us as your birthing partner.  Be strong and just breathe!


kristen headshot

Kristen is married to Andy, her partner in crime and a doting father. They have two boys under two. She is also a marketing executive currently working in healthcare and moon lights as an adjunct professor and social media speaker.

Alexis-Headshot (small)

Alexis is married to a gifted man, who is a supportive husband and loving father.  They are the parents of 3 sons: 1 tech-savvy college student, 1 artistic & athletic middle-schooler and 1 entrepreneurial elementary student.  She is a community relations/ communications professional with a local, education non-profit.


Not all posts on our social media pages or on the blog reflect the beliefs of all contributors associated with MommyWurk. Instead they reflect the individual’s beliefs and MommyWurk’s respect of different opinions/experiences.

Grammar is very important to us. We are busy working moms passionate about sharing our stories with other busy working moms. However, this also means that we are sharing on the fly via smart phones. Please excuse any typos or errors. We update and correct as we see them. If there is an error you would like to notify us about we welcome the feedback. Please email mommy@mommywurk.com.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ina Library says:

    Hi Kristen and Alexis! I love this! You two are such strong, confident women with a powerful, much-needed idea! I am so excited to read more and learn from you two as writers and mothers. 🙂


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