Senior year, College Apps and Menopause…Oh MY!

Well hello there my Mommywurk friends!  Listen, I know… it’s been a while but after I catch you up with the shenanigans you will grant me mercy.  Well at least I hope…  Grab a coffee, some tea or a glass of wine (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere)!!


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September 23 marked our official change into the Fall season.  But for me & my family the season change represents a total overhaul of our lives.  Peanut 2 is in her senior year of high school and I can’t be anything less than terrified.  Do you have any idea the crap I put my mom thru that year?  Sorry, not sorry, it was life changing hehehe!  She is narrowing her college choices and well for me… Menopause has kicked in high gear (it’s the devil).  HOLD UP, STOP…yes menopause has a high gear.  Oh and Peanut 1 moved out but needs to come back home. Yes, I am being punished.

So I started thinking, as a mom you normally give up practically your entire life to nurture your little loved ones.  Then middle & high school happens and you begin to recognize that you have been so wrapped up in parenting that you forgot to live.  Hmmm, well what in the world have I been doing??  I mean, do you ever stop and ask yourself this question?  Really ask yourself, What am I doing?  Just think on that for a minute.


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I found myself doing everything in my power over the last 22 years to be the BEST mom that I could be.  If that meant driving 30 minutes across town to take my kids to schools that would provide them the opportunities I didn’t have or paying rent for my son’s apartment in college because we didn’t get aid and didn’t save for college, I made it happen.  But now, I realize that I forgot about little ole me.  So right as the season has changed and my peanuts are preparing to live their lives I wonder what will I do to fill this void?  I didn’t prepare for this moment.  I was sitting back watching my Peanuts blossom into these fine young adults as I was slowly losing the core of who I was.

As happy as we are to see the summer heat leave, we will miss those sunny days but must fill them up with something else.  So my advice to all the Mommywurkers, don’t forget about YOU.  The kids are going to be fine.  We always make sure they are fine.  But who is making sure that YOU are ok?  Read a book, join a challenge, Eat clean, start a business, change jobs, join a club.  Whatever you do, don’t forget about who you were before kids because you will meet up with her again someday.  And she will stare you in the face and say… Oh, you again!  “Eyes rolling, lips curled”.


Between these hot flashes, college application fees and my brain fog, I am having a hard time finding 5 minutes to pee so I better run.

Until next time…Stop, drop and Prepare for the Seasons to Change.



Dee is a single mom of two who has thoroughly enjoyed parenting her son who is now 21 and daughter who is 16. She calls them Peanut 1 & 2. Dee enjoys her job as a Sales & Business Coach which allows her to work at home as well as travel.


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