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Moms are awesome! We can take care of just about anything. From the bassinet to the boardroom, we become superheroes. Every now and then however, a little help can go a long way…helping us work smarter instead of harder. This is not prohibited from entrepreneurship.

Our society is molding more female entrepreneurs than ever before and we are taking over whole industries! Whether in direct sales, network marketing, consulting, remote services, or human services, women are dominating business in a major way, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

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During my employ for the past 6 years in Workforce Development, my clients found themselves unemployed for a variety of reasons. Many people assume that if you need public assistance or unemployment, you do not want to work or that you’re just interested in a hand out. I literally had to sit my clients down and explain to them that it was important for them to take advantage of the assistance available to them in order to feed their families, stretch their paychecks, or start a new life. I encouraged them to use the services that way they were initially designed, as a temporary fix.

There are a variety of systems set in place created to help the common man, and entrepreneurs are no different. When looking to start a business, many will simply go broke and bankrupt trying to get things going. Instead, go along with experts who know your field better than you do. An entrepreneur may have a passion, product, purpose or patent but not have a red cent to back it up. If this is you, you are not alone.

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For many entrepreneurs, funding can be very tough to obtain. Learning to juggle your marketing, production, demand, and customer service can be tough…but definitely possible! One area that I am passionate about providing support for is helping you fund your business. No I am not talking about a payday loan or get rich quick scheme – but something that many of us shy away from because we feel we can do everything ourselves… other people’s money (O.P.M.)!

Although some startups tap into a team of financial gurus who can raise funds with ease, many of us still struggle and need some guidance. Get guidance from a number of specialists in the field instead of just one bank or lender at a time. There are shortcuts to finding the right source of funding – especially if you are already disciplined in your operational costs and corporate spending.

If you are looking to expand or start your business and still struggle with financially backing your mission, take a look at our exclusive system. This system was created with the busy entrepreneur in mind. Only those seeking substantial growth need apply – this is not for the fly-by-night hustler.


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ladiSims is a Workforce Consultant committed to “ Monetizing your Mission: Saving and increasing revenue for job seekers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses through empowering employment readiness, social media marketing, and discounted operations. She has over 6 years of extensive experience in social services, workforce development, small business development, recruiting and case management. She serves a variety of job seekers, including veterans and disabled adults, with finding employment and adjusting to career changes. Many of her clients seek to transition into new careers with financial and educational barriers hindering their success. ladiSims also shares resources, teaches Employment Readiness, and provides solutions for small businesses in her community. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, ladiSims has a passion for helping people progress towards their career, family, and entrepreneurial goals – she is also an advocate for education. Her BA degree is in English with a minor in African America Studies from SIUC where she also studied creative writing, journalism, and education. She also has a Master’s in Urban Planning and Policy (MUPP) with a concentration in Community Development from UIC. Her ‘why’ includes her daughter Charlotte, 2 moms, 2 dads, numerous siblings, faith in Christ, and the youth of ChiCity. Among her peers, she is known for simplifying complex issues, offering conflict resolution, and being able to connect with individuals of various socioeconomic statuses, cultures, skill sets, & educational backgrounds. ladiSims uses her ability to create and maintain strategic partnerships to influence both rural and urban communities. Find ladiSims on Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope for more of her shenanigans!


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