“Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty.” – Michael Moncur

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Many people believe that having money is never a good thing! We are often torn between providing for our families, preparing for the future and trying to stay humble when accumulating wealth. The truth is, it’s impossible not to start to like having money when it pays all of your bills! What would it feel like to not have debtors calling you? What if you were able to pay off your student loans within 10 years instead of 30+? How would you like to see your child in a private school or pursuing college without signing off on tremendous debt? Yes, having money can solve a lot of problems we have in our society, including poverty and hunger. Resources are purchased with money not our kind hearts. Although our hearts lead us to give it cannot feed a family of four in an indigenous country. Without resources and the money to obtain it, many starving children will die. Without money for building wells and schools, thousands will get deathly ill and remain uneducated – unaware. Money is not all bad.

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I’d like to see a time where we welcome the balance between money and humility. In the US culture, we have tremendous opportunity to obtain wealth and even spread it around. Besides just having a job, we have thousands of entrepreneurship opportunities, not to mention public assistance and unemployment when we’re not able to work. Even though many associate wealth with fast cars, huge homes, and physical augmentations, for some wealth is equivalent to working long isolating hours and sacrificing instant gratification for the possibility of being completely debt free – using finances as an asset. I’d like to believe that we can maintain our humility while acquiring wealth if we hold on to our values. It doesn’t seem to be that hard – in all actuality not all wealthy are crude. According to Seven Secrets of Self-Made Multimillionaires many wealthy individuals consider their financial status as a way of life that others are able to obtain if they wanted:

“Lastly, you may be surprised to learn that wealthy people wish you were wealthy, too. It’s a mystery to them why others don’t get rich. They know they aren’t special and that wealth is available to anyone who wants to focus and persist. Rich people want others to be rich for two reasons: first, so you can buy their products and services, and second, because they want to hang out with other rich people. Get rich — it’s American.” – Grant Cardone

Seven Secrets of Self-Made Multimillionaires

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Personally, I would love to think that it’s easy to obtain wealth – I like that thought! I am currently implementing personal development concepts that claim that there is enough wealth to go around. We’ve been programmed to think that getting a job and obtaining mountains of debt just to pursue a certain status is the end goal – the American Dream. However, once I understood home ‘ownership’ I knew I wanted more than the American Dream. What are you missing out on by not pursuing wealth? Your journey could start with an idea – focusing on solving a problem in society. You could look into pursuing a passion that turns into your own business. Maybe you follow a particular company or industry and see the potential for substantial growth. Nowadays, there are so many options!

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With the internet, Google, social media, and numerous digital gadgets, we connect with each other, including people we don’t know, and companies/corporations from our fingertips! Looking for opportunity? Seeking wealth? Try to chase that idea and passion you have. It might lead you down a path of wealth and success that you didn’t think was possible. Not convinced in the possibility of wealth? Just read up on some of the wealthiest people of our time. Try to find out how they think, what their focus is, and what they went through before acquiring wealth. I know I did! You might be surprised about what you find out and how similar we are to those who’ve achieved success.



Danita Sims is a Workforce Consultant with extensive experience in social services, workforce development, and case management. Ms. Sims has assisted a variety of job seekers, including veterans and disabled adults, with finding employment and adjusting to career changes. Many of her clients seek to transition into new careers with financial and educational barriers hindering their success. Ms. Sims also shares resources, teaches Employment Readiness, and provides solutions for small businesses in her community. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Ms. Sims has a passion for helping people progress towards their career/entrepreneurial goals and is an advocate for education. Her BA degree is in English with a minor in African America Studies from SIUC where she also studied creative writing, journalism, and education. She also has a Master’s in Urban Planning and Policy (MUPP) with a concentration in Community Development from UIC. Among her peers, she is known for simplifying complex issues, offering conflict resolution, and being able to connect with individuals of various socioeconomic statuses, cultures, skill sets, & educational backgrounds. Ms. Sims also has experience in Business Development and uses her ability to create and maintain strategic partnerships that would influence a community as a whole. Reach her at ladiSims55@gmail.com


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