Changing Diapers Was Easy…

We are potty training and I am in hell. Yes, it is exciting to see him accomplish something and be proud of himself. I am proud of him, but man it is hard.

It is also disgusting.

Cleaning a poopy diaper is a piece of cake. Cleaning poop off a toddler’s underwear, pants or a pull up is gross. It smears and gets everywhere. I won’t continue, you get the drift.

As a working mom, potty training is really tough for a variety of reasons.

  1. Rush hour – I envision the day where I explain to the police officer that I was speeding so that my toddler could make it to the potty in time.
  2. Relying on daycare – They have a lot of kids to deal with. Making time to help your kid poop in the potty isn’t always a top priority. Unfortunately, this prolongs the process.
  3. Clothing needs – They are going to have accidents. Since you can’t wash clothes several times a day, you need a lot of clothes on hand at their school. Target here I come… chaching!
  4. Award system – The inconsistency associated with awards at home versus no rewards at school can once again, prolong the process.

I really shouldn’t complain. H has done phenomenal. After 4 hours of potty training we have had only 1 pee-pee accident and it has been 5 days. Poop we are still working on, but it hasn’t even been a week so I am cutting the kid some slack.

For all those moms out there singing the potty training blues. You are not alone. I am singing them right there with you.

Peace, Love and Pee-Peeing in the Potty,


Stay tuned for more about our potty training saga. Next up, our potty training method…


One thought on “Changing Diapers Was Easy…

  1. Ina Library says:

    You go, Kristen! I enjoyed this post and I applaud you for your strength! You’re a supermom! I’m not quite at the potty training phase yet, but you have encouraged me to stay strong! I will say a special prayer for you and other potty training moms! 🙂


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