Be Still


Are you always on the move?  To work, to doctor’s appointments, to kids’ activities, to run errands, and the list goes on.  How often do we, as working moms, take the time to BE STILL?

My mind (and body) has been all over the place lately, as I contemplate my personal and professional goals, dreams and desires.  But, as a working mom with dependents and many responsibilities, my decisions do not only affect me.  I have a husband and children to consider.

When making decisions I consult many resources – my husband, Google, experts, God and the Bible, family and close friends.  And I make sure to keep it moving during my time of consideration and contemplation.  But, lately I have been receiving a nudge to BE STILL.

I am realizing that being busy or active does not make me productive.  Sometimes less is more and it is important to take the time to BE STILL in order to hear from God through prayer, meditation and reading His word – the Bible.  God is my source.  And lately I have been operating on my own, outside of His will. 

I have so much that I want to accomplish and I have been trying to do it all on my own.  Now, I am tired and worn out – physically, mentally and spiritually.  And it doesn’t feel good.

As working moms, and moms in general, we must take the time to BE STILL before making important moves in our lives.  Whether they be personal or professional, we must make time for contemplation and consideration…and that requires that we BE STILL.

Until next time-

Be still before the Lord  and wait patiently for him;… (Psalms 37:7 NIV)

God’s best-


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