Do You Journal?

Do you Journal?

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

When Super F was young, I had every intention of filling out his baby book in its entirety. I did well for the first year, and then I sloughed off and never finished filling it in. I feel a bit of mommy guilt over his incomplete baby book, but I just haven’t found the time to go back and fill in all the blanks.

What I started doing instead was journaling to him. I found a beautiful (purse size) journal that I could take with me whenever and wherever so I could write to him when I had free time (mostly in waiting rooms at the doctor, or my lunch break at work). It’s less cumbersome to carry around with me than his baby book, and is a bit more discrete.

So, occasionally I write to him about the things we’ve been doing as a family, holidays and how we spent them, the milestones he hits and funny things he says or does. When I don’t have the time to use the journal, I use the notes app on my phone to remind me of the little things I don’t want to forget so I can add them to the journal later. I also use an app called LittleHoots to share some of his anecdotes with friends and family.

What do you do to record the events/milestones in your child’s life?



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One thought on “Do You Journal?

  1. Alexis says:

    I am constantly sending texts/pics to my parents and sister with milestones (lost teeth, etc.) and the funny things they say. Even if I lose my texts someday at least Verizon will have a record of my children’s best and funniest moments. 😀


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