Being Kind

As a working mom, when you see other working moms struggling how do you extend them kindness?

The world today is filled with judgement. It is filled with opinions. Although there are many moments that we can be kind, do you choose to be.

Not to long after I had Baby C2, I was struggling to get the baby and H in the car. It was hard to keep H from running in the parking lot and the baby, along with all of my baby gear, had my hands full.

Two other moms saw me struggling, and they helped me with H. They also shrugged off his screams and temper fit. As I apologized they graciously said, we are moms we have been there.

It was nice. They made me feel normal and not alone.

I hope I can return the favor for a mom one day.

How have you passed along mom kindness?

Peace, Love and All You Need is Kindness,



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