I am Raw

Warning: Today’s post is not an upbeat working moms can conquer the world post. Today’s post is raw, sad, and just not fun. I am sorry, but this is how I am feeling now and I think the topic is important. So here we go….

As a working mom, nothing is more important than trusting the people or facility that is taking care of your children. When things don’t go right it is unnerving.

Yet, here we are in the US of A with numerous recent stories of children dying in day care facilities:

There are more, but I couldn’t read any more of the articles. These deaths aren’t fluke accidents, These are deaths contributed to by negligence. It is criminal. In a day an age where our country even profits off of fetal tissue (see Planned Parenthood story – this is the stuff of nightmares), I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am. Our government even funds this gore.

I know that not all child care facilities have these issues, but do you really know what is happening with your child? Despite working, I try to be very involved with my kids’ day care. Fortunately, it is close to my work. They have all the proper licensing and even extra accreditations, but that doesn’t stop things from going wrong. Recently, I have noticed that Baby C2 was not being fed regularly. This very basic function was not occurring as it should. In the span of just one week, they fed him breakfast over an hour late. They only fed him 4oz of milk between 8:30 and 1:00 (it was also bad milk because it had been sitting out for more than an hour). He normally consumes 12 oz. in this time frame and he did have enough milk to meet his required needs. They also completely skipped a bottle on another day. I ended up feeding it to him an hour late because I realized that they did not give it to him. There have also been other incidences that have left me questioning decisions and care lately.

As any concerned parent, I have had numerous discussions with management, the teachers and anyone who will listen about my concerns. I follow up with them. I check on both boys. I stop in more often, but is it enough?

So that is why today, I am raw. I want to take my children and run home, but if I did we wouldn’t have a home to run to for long. Like many of our working mom readers, my salary is needed. So here I sit, my children’s names on waiting lists for other facilities wondering if any school will ever be good enough to take care of even the basics. These days it is always about how they can teach them to read by age 3 and add or subtract by age 4. Those are great bonus attributes, but I don’t need my children to be geniuses. I just need you to keep them alive. You know, the basics.

Peace, Love and Being Raw,


Image Credit: Youtube.com Lava Kayaking


3 thoughts on “I am Raw

  1. Alexis says:

    Kristen, I am so sorry to hear that. My heart breaks. I am praying that you find the RIGHT place for your children to thrive. I am with you…reading, ‘riting and, ‘rithmatic become significantly less important when you are worried about your children’s wellbeing. 🙏


  2. Kthrasher says:

    We had very similar issues with feeding. the kids would get bottles late. We’d always say something, and things would get better for a while, then they’d get lazy again. One day, the feeding sheet said E had 3 bottles. We sent her with 3, and there still one in the fridge. The caretaker said she knows she had 3 bottles. So she had someone else’s bottle? Not acceptable! Especially with her allergy! The head teacher called us later that night and told us she only had 2 bottles. So we were relieved that they only forgot a bottle. Crazy! They have been extremely careful since then. We did some reading and apparently it’s quite common for kids to the wrong bottle. So scary!


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