Thumbs up

Thumbs Up

I scan the parking lot as I get Baby C2 out of the van. I see Andy struggling with H. Not sure what is going on, I give Andy a thumps up. He gives it back. H must be acting like a typical toddler, but otherwise all is good in the neighborhood.

This scene plays out a lot of ways on a lot of days. As parents, especially working parents, Andy and I have had to develop the art of silent communication. We try not to yell in our family, we don’t want to alarm our children and sometimes we are in a big hurry. Our thumps up, down or sideways signs helps us both know what is happening and if we need to change course or the other person may need help.

I don’t remember exactly how it started. I know that we used it a little bit prior to having kids. Now it feels like we use it every day. When one of us gives the sideways thumb it means things are going south. When it is a thumbs down, we (as Dee would say) stop, drop and… run for help.

Do you have a code for your family? How does it help you communicate?

Peace, Love and Show Me Your Thumb,


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