caring hands

Sharing is Caring

H made me a proud momma today. At school they are studying all things water. He has a book I bought recently about the ocean. He loves it. He calls it his favorite book. Today he asked if he could take it to share with his class.

He was so excited to share this book with his friends. He rushed through breakfast and before I had even gotten out of the room he was racing over to two of his friends to show them the book. “See,” he said proudly holding it up. With a little help from a teacher he started flipping through the book with them.

Sometimes I watch H and Baby C2 and I just want to bottle up all of their spirit and pass it around. If our hearts could only be so pure. If our deeds could be so loving. If our worlds could so simple, yet so exciting then life would be perfect.

I wish, knowing what I know now, I could go back and be a child.

Peace, Love and Caring for Each Other’s Heart,


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