little kid socks

Letting the Socks Go

Frozen has finally gotten to me. HAHAHA. Seriously, there are some things that as working moms we realize we just have to let it go.

My big let it go moment was with socks. When H was a baby he always had socks on his feet anytime we left the house. Not just plain socks. No way, Jose. He had on matching socks that also perfectly matched each outfit.

Usher in Baby C2 and I had to give up my sock mommy crazy. Poor baby never has socks on his feet now that it is summer.

1. He takes them off. Every time I put them on they end up off his feet and in his mouth. Now that it is summer, I see no need to continue to fight this battle.

2. I gave up the matching socks to the outfit. As long as they are in the same color family we are good to go.

3. They don’t necessarily have to match each other. As long they coordinate in some fashion with what the boys are wearing then I am A-ok with them wearing them and if I am in a hurry sometimes I don’t even go that far.

4. Have I mentioned how hard it is to not lose little baby socks? They disappear. It is insane how difficult it is to keep them. We even use the little wash bags. There is a sock conspiracy going on and it is worse with little kid socks.

My confession for the day is over. It feels good to let that one go. What are you letting go?

Peace, Love & Learning from Disney 😛



One thought on “Letting the Socks Go

  1. HeyBeckyJ says:

    I have even given up the coordinating with the outfit. When my kids started wanting more Independence to pick out their clothes, I finally conceded that they could pick out whatever socks they wanted if they let me make sure their top and bottoms matched. So you no longer see my kids with orange shirt and purple pants… But Christmas socks in July – sure! Black robot socks with shorts – why not?! 🙂


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