The In Between Holidays

4th of julyThis post hits right in my working mommy guilt spot. I am horrible at the in between holidays. It is not that they aren’t important! It is just that I don’t have time for the special details that I like to add.

When I say in between holidays I mean anything after Christmas and before Thanksgiving. When it comes to November and December I am all over the tradition building, memory making fun. July 4th, Valentines Day and St. Patty’s Day…. etc…. have me running for the hills.

I look at cute craft ideas and I usually buy a couple of decorations, but they either don’t make it up or the craft is half squeezed in between swim lessons and nap time. Occasionally, we do make time for a good old fashioned cook out, but missing are the cute plates and napkins.

Insert Mommy Guilt! I know it shouldn’t matter. So I am giving us all permission to let the little things like paper plates go. As long as we discuss the importance of these days (especially the ones honoring our soldiers) with our kids then I think we have hit a home run.

What do you do for the holidays. Do have simple family traditions that are easy to implement? If so, please share!

Peace, Love and Happy 4th,



2 thoughts on “The In Between Holidays

  1. HeyBeckyJ says:

    I can definitely sympathize on how easily the mommy guilt creeps in when you see all the “in-between” holiday crafts and themed foods and coordinated outfits. I combat the guilt with two strategies… 1. I feel like I had a pretty good childhood, so I reflect on what I really remember about celebrating each holiday from my own childhood. A little perspective reminds me that my kids won’t remember the flag napkins, but they will remember how each year we got up early to watch the neighborhood parade (and eat chocolate donuts). And 2. I ask whether whatever I’m worried about is really essential to the holiday. A fourth of July craft isn’t *really* important (i.e. my kids won’t really miss it), but Valentine cards for the class are more critical. This helps me prioritize, and relieves me of some of the guilt when I just can’t do “everything”. Also, remember that not every holiday has to hold the same level of importance for your family. I love our Independence Day traditions, but don’t give two hoots about St. Patrick’s day, so I can focus on my energy on what’s important for my family.


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