Kids Love Mail

Super F is always excited when there is something in the mail box for him. When he was 5, he had become a huge fan of the Gator Boys after watching their show and often said “this show has changed my life!” when talking to other people about it. He wanted to go as a Gator Boy for Halloween, but we couldn’t find an “official” Gator Boy shirt, so I had him write a letter requesting one.

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It took longer than expected to get a response (he got it around Christmas), but eventually a package arrived. He was sooo excited to get mail and to see that they had sent him a shirt and an autographed picture.

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Since then, he has started getting a couple magazines in the mail each month, and he is still so happy to receive mail. So, I’m thinking of starting to mail him random things so he can get mail more often. So far, my list of ideas includes coloring sheets, stickers and little notes. Do you mail things to your kiddos, and if so, what kinds of things do you send them?



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