Sensitive feelings and media consumption

Are You More Sensitive Now that You are a Mom?

I am much more sensitive to everything around me now that I am a mom. I can’t go on Facebook without crying over a story about a child who is sick, hurting or in need. I can’t watch TV without tearing. Even things that are not in the parent realm give me a hard time. I recently watched a commercial about toilet paper, I think it was Charmin, and I cried because the little boy in it grows up…

As a citizen of the US we consume an insane amount of media. A new study conducted by the University of San Diego suggests that in 2015 people will consume 15.5 hours of media a day. 15.5 hours! Do I really need to consume that much media? Is it going to positively impact my life to watch that shark video or see a cute cat play with a piece of yarn one more time? The answer isn’t just no, it is no freakin’ way. Not to mention as consumers we have a penchant for the negative media and so people writing content deliver the goods by posting more negative stories in order to increase readership. Psychology Today discusses this phenomenon and how it is actually interrupting people’s ability to be happy.

What is a busy mom to do? Cut out the media. If it is too negative it doesn’t do me or my boys any good. Life is hard enough; I don’t need to inundate myself with negative media or media all the time.

Have you found that you are more sensitive now that you are a parent? How do you deal with all the negative media?

Peace, Love and Positivity


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