Reward Chart Backfire

So, in an effort to expand Super F’s responsibilities around the house (and to remind him of his current responsibilities), we decided to start using a reward chart for him.


I remember my parents using one for my sister and I as children, and it was a good reminder of the things we were expected to do. So, we hung the chart where he could see it and he got stickers for each activity on each day. If he didn’t complete a task on a day, we would put an X instead of a sticker. If he got 3 X’s, he wouldn’t receive reward at the end of the week, but if he had a perfect chart, he would get a bonus ($1). So, we started using the chart and after a few weeks Dean mentioned that he felt that Super F’s concern for handling his responsibilities was worse than we started the chart, and I noticed the same thing. So we quit using the chart and Super F’s behavior went back to normal. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you use reward charts, and do they work well for you?


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