baby cell phone

My Kid Did It

Oh the lure of the cell phone. My children just love to play, type and chew on mine. I guess it is because it is always near me so that I can take pictures of all of the cute things they do. Either way they love to hold my phone.

Occasionally this goes awry. When my toddler sends text messages to people “#roaienf930rhkfneaoir”or perhaps a pocket dial at 6:00 AM. The worst is when they Facetime your boss by mistake. YIKES!

Just this morning Baby C2 found my phone and while chewing it called Alexis. She called me back later and I had to apologize for the early morning wake up.

What is the most embarrassing thing your child has done with your cell phone? Did you have to explain yourself to a manager or colleague?

Peace, Love & Get Your Own Phone :P,



One thought on “My Kid Did It

  1. Alexis says:

    Lol! Kid Flash has sent many a “text”. However, the funniest thing (probably not so much to my dad and sister) he’s done is purchase games on their I-Phones.


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