Career Crossroads & Kids

As I working mom, I know most of you have been at a career cross roads. This is the position I find myself in most recently. There are two different opportunities that have presented themselves. I feel lucky to be able to have options. However, each opportunity has pros and cons that make them unique and does not necessarily give me a clear understanding of the front runner.

Pre-kids the job I was interested in the most and that would advance my career the most was the job I always took. Money played a large roll as well. Now that I am a mom there are so many other caveats to nash about in my head.

  • Will I have flexibility?
  • Is there travel?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How is the pay structured?
  • What do the evening and weekends look like?

I am finding that the travel and flexibility are two things I really feel strongly about as I explore my next move.

What do you think about when you are making career changes? What helped you make the decision? Thank you in advance for your advice.

Peace, Love & Crossroads,



2 thoughts on “Career Crossroads & Kids

  1. Simone Lawson says:

    As a mom now the first two things I’m thinking about is flexibility, travel requirements and who I work for ie are they family oriented or a single and still climbing the career ladder to whatever heights they can get to. I have ahead a female boss that had two kids and she was understanding and flexible beyond belief which was a huge help.


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