Parenting Fail 

Today was one of those days. It started out with me hitting snooze. I was tired, exhausted actually. I should have gotten up and losing those extra ten minutes hurt me. Instead of getting myself together I was woken up by Baby C2 who needed to be fed. Then he wanted to be held and played with. The “schedule” went down the drain.

I had a huge meeting today which meant I had to be more than business presentable, I had look put together.  This caused me to wake H up late and subsequently rush him. Do you know what it looks like when you rush a toddler? As you can imagine disaster ensued. 

When we arrived at school I realized I forgot it was water play day. I had reminders set on my phone. I had calendars & emails. I just didn’t remember as I set to start out the day. This left poor H without a bathing suit or a shirt. I received an F.

Next I reach into the diaper bag to grab Baby C2’s bottles for the day. There are no bottles. Andy forgot to put them in the bag and I forgot to check on them. Once again I received an F.

Because of all of the delays and mishaps I couldn’t pump before my 5 hour meeting. Let’s just say this caused a bit of pain. Finally, I forgot to grab my breakfast.

My day was officially a hot mess.

Fortunately, Andy was able to bring the bottles and a swimsuit. I grabbed a bagel and made it to my meeting right on time. I wasn’t able to pump, but I made it through the first meeting and pumped quickly before the second one.

I started the day off feeling like a failure, but I recovered nicely with the help of my hubby and some fancy maneuvering. 

Are your kids, loved, fed and well taken care of? If the answer is yes, just remember there is no F in parenting.

Tell me about your crazy day? I know there are better stories out there.

Peace, Love & Recovering,



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