I Feel the Need, the Need to Read!

On Saturday I took Super F to the library to check out some new books and sign up for their summer reading program. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of summer when I was young, and think it’s a great way for kids to keep reading during summer vacation. I remember when I was young, my mom carefully looked at the books my sister and I were checking out to make sure they were age appropriate and on her “approved” list. She would encourage us to get books that would teach us something while we were reading them, but would allow us to get one “fluff” book on each trip. I’ve continued that tradition with Super F, who has a love of superheroes. He gets to choose one superhero book and then we choose books that he can read to himself, chapter books I read to him before bed every night, and then a couple of “learning” books. This week he chose to learn about spiders (I now know WAY more about spiders than I ever wanted to!).

I’ve tried hard to instill a love of reading in Super F, and once in a while he lets me know that it’s working. This weekend, I got one of those signs when he came downstairs and proclaimed “I FEEL THE NEED, THE NEED TO READ!”

Have you signed your child up for a summer reading program? What kinds of things do you do to encourage your child to read?



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