The beat goes on…

Can you believe it is June 2015, we have a Black President, Female CEOs and voting rights but somehow we still live in times of inequality. What saddens me more is that I’m not quite sure if we ALL know or care for that matter. One thing I know for sure is if we desire to some day end this madness, Music is the answer. It makes the world go ’round. Or maybe it’s just the alcohol you drink listening to the music, Ha but either way, it unites us.

As I attended the Earth, Wind & Fire concert on Sunday I took a moment to look around. People were dancing, drinking, eating, singing, laughing and yes there were a few stumblers (they always start the party off). The crowd was full of people of different ethnicities, different age groups etc. What stood out most was the way we all looked like neighbors. Friendly, happy, sharing. It was simply amazing. I made friends with a family (mother, father & 2 yound adult sons). I can’t remember her name but her birthday is Sept. 20. She is a virgo like me. Her sons are my sons’ age. At first the husband and boys were just standing back watching me and their mom/wife enjoy ourselves. We were dancing and singing. By the end of the night, the kids were taking pictures of me & mom, dad came over and talked about how they raised their kids on this music and we made plans to come back next year and introduce our kids to each other. We committed to the mission of UNITY. U.N.I.T.Y. that was a Queen Latifah song back in the day…

So where in the world do we start with understanding differences and eventually uniting? I started when the kids were in elementary school. I enrolled them in Carolina International School, a charter school. I felt it was so important for them to be diverse. To be well rounded we must expose our kids to other cultures so as they get older they can respect differences in others versus feeling priveledged or entitled based on their own skin color, choices or beliefs.

It all starts at home. We may be different but to understand differences you must first acknowledge them and make an effort to learn the why behind it all. What are you doing to ensure your children are respectful of others’ differences? Are you contributing to the negative images by being silent? Your kids are watching. I challenge you to start today. Educate your children and yourself. If you don’t start with your own, then maybe you are just giving Lip Service! Time for Action! Get that music out and let’s dance.

Stop, Drop & Unite

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