Take me OM…


OM is a mantra traditionally used at the beginning and end of a yoga session and should be used by ALL moms, in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if you are a new mom, a mom of teens or a grandmom, at some point in your life, you have searched for this thing called PEACE & QUIET. Peace from demands, bills, aggravation, expectations, your significant other and your kids. Yes we want to escape… Shocker!!!

I used to wonder why my mom would sit in the bathroom for almost an hour. Then, yep it happened to me. I found myself sitting in the bathroom just to gather my thoughts, unwind and honestly to escape. Calvin, take me away… Opps, I meant Calgon. Dang autocorrect! ha!

This new “oasis” was perfect for meditation. I found myself thinking of new ideas, making plans and sometimes just dreaming about what-ifs. My kids learned where to find me and soon my “oasis” turned into h… well I’ll be nice, the rest of the house. I quickly relocated to my car. Yes I know. But the birds chirping, the squirrels running and especially the Hawks were a sight to see from time to time. In order to continue being as great as we are, we need time to disconnect, unwind and yes ESCAPE!

Girl in retro car

As I sit here in my car sharing my story, I wonder if you too have found your “Oasis”, your OM, your place to disconnect?  It’s just what the Doctor ordered.  Girl, go get your Groove on in Peace & Quiet… And be unapologetic about it.

Stop, Drop & Teach me how to Om…

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