Top Ten Things Working Moms Do

ls_topten_20110107_640x480In honor of Dave Letterman’s retirement here is our working mom top ten list:

10. You find strange child items in your purse.

9. You check your phone during meetings for texts from your childcare provider.

8. You spell out offending terms when talking to colleagues.

7. You use your lunch break to take your kids to the doctor.

6. You have a work to do list, personal to do list and to do list by child.

5. You need take a day before and after vacation. One day is to get ready to go and the other is to try and recover.

4. You spend your weekends at children’s events or the pool.

3. You get up 2 hours before you have to leave so that you can get everything done and everyone ready.

2. You carry 4 bags to work: purse, diaper bag, laptop bag and breast pump bag.

1. You drive a minivan!

What would you add to our top ten list?

Peace, Love & Friday Fun,


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