I Have Mommy Mouth

In my adult life I have been known to say a dirty word or two. Sometimes there is nothing better, especially when you are really angry, than letting a good forbidden word fly. It might not keep the pot from boiling over, but it definitely releases a little bit of steam. I have never been a total potty mouth. However, when I am mad I can cuss any sailor under the table. It must be the tinge of red in my hair.

Now that I have kids I have found myself having the opposite problem. I can’t have an adult conversation normally. Even the least profane curse words come out weird. In a call today with an adult I was discussing colors of paint. I wanted to say “hell no” and instead it came out H E double hockey sticks. Seriously! I sound sooooo nerdy, white bread and suburban. I might as well drive a mini van… Oh wait…

In my opinion, when talking to the kids it is a necessity to watch your mouth. Around them everyone’s words and topics should be kept in check. For example, the other day I stubbed my toe and really wanted to say the s word (see I can’t even write it), but I redirected to chartreuse for the kids’ sake. Yeah, I know. Strange choice. It was the first thing that came to me and I had already started down the s path.

I think I should make it known, I am not proclaiming that cursing is a good thing, or that it is even lady like. But heck even 8:00 PM television uses the word hell in adult conversation.

The next step could be spelling words in meetings. I hope I don’t ever do that by mistake. It would really be embarrassing.

Have you ever said something embarrassing with a co-worker, colleague or friend that should stay reserved for your kids?  Help me out here. Tell me I am not the only one!

Peace, Love & Euphemisms



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