McGyver Diaper

MacGyver Diaper

Duct Tape is a powerful tool. It camacgyver logon help you be quite inventive. Today for example, we were out of labels so Andy used duct tape to label Baby C2’s food and bottles.

On one particularly interesting day, we had ventured out to visit friends about an hour from our house. This was not long after I had had Baby C2 so mommy brain was in full effect.

Once we arrived, I realized H had pooped. It had to be changed. The caveat, however, was that the only diapers I had on me were Baby C2s. H wears a size 7 the baby at the time was in a size 2. As you can imagine, one diaper only covered one cute little baby H cheek. What was a mama to do?

duct_tapeEnter Andy and his trusty duct tape. We put two diapers side by side and duct taped them together for the back. We repeated the process for the front.  Laid H on top of the first manufactured diaper, placed a cloth diaper under his rear and over the middle, and the put the second manufactured diaper on top. Then we duct taped him into the contraption. It held for the rest of our visit and until we got home! Way to go MacGyver diaper. My only regret is that I didn’t take a picture!


It looked a little like this with duct tape down the middle on both sides and around the legs.

Peace, Love & Ingenuity,


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