Working lunch

Working Ladies Lunching

You start the morning with great intentions, but after packing your children’s lunches you check the clock and end up having to rush out the door. Once again no lunch for mom.

Eating out doesn’t have to always be unhealthy. With a little research you can find healthy places and choices. Don’t be fooled by menu items that appear healthy though. MommyWurk Co-Founder Kristen explained, “I have learned the hard way to check items nutritional values before I eat them. I will never forget when I got a salad instead of a burger at a popular restaurant only to find out I ended up eating more calories and fat by choosing the salad!”

MommyWurk recently had a working lunch at a local restaurant. We choose a healthy place popular for their salads called Crisp. (We are not being paid to endorse Crisp, we are just raving fans.) Check out the video of our outing below.

Peace, Love & Working Lunches,


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