Mother’s Day, Life Long Memories & Love of Travel

Congratulations to our 1st Mother’s Day Moment Photo Winner! The judges were impressed that this mom’s son took the time to enter, and that he shared and action photo that directly related to his story. We hope Kenny shares his prize with his mom!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our announcement of winner 2.

Kenny’s Story

Mother's Day Moment Winner 1 MommyWurk

Kenny with his mom and family

When I think of Mother’ Day, I remember all the life long memories I’ve had with my mom. One of the things I love most about my mom is that she loves to travel. Ever since we were little, my parents would take my brothers and I on long road trips all up and down the East Coast. When we got older, those trips continued and we even went on a vacation to Italy! My mom always said it was more important to spend money on experiences because those would create memories that we would carry with us for our whole life.

Thank you mom for your love to travel.

I love you!



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