What Mother’s Day Means to Me: Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Mother's DayWe have a beautiful email entry for our Mother’s Day Moment Photo Contest from a woman named Karen. This is a picture of Karen’s mother. Her accompanying story is below.

My mom is a wonderful she has been through so much raising me and my sister. She has had to work all her life and is still working and doesn’t see retirement anywhere in the near future.

What Mothers Day means to me is you spend time honoring and waiting on the one person who has brought you into this world. She has raised you, taught you everything you know and tried to set you on the right path as you grow up. You only have 1 mother. Some have lost their mothers and it’s very sad and others have step mothers. My mothers is a wonderful inspiring woman who does everything for me and my sister. My sister and I have a tremendous amount of health problems and it worries her all the time. Mine are more life threatening. As I get sicker my mom is there for me. She is a strong, gentle, caring, loving and will do what she can to make it all go away. I myself am also a mother I have a son of 25 he is a wonderful son. He calls me about everyday to make sure I’m doing well.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about getting a gift and handing it to your mother. It is about saying thank you mom for everything you did or helped me with as I grew up and even as an adult this is your day enjoy it. I love you mom unconditionally.

Happy Mothers Day



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