Motherless Daughters



Before June 6, 2012, I had no idea I would be initiated into a group that would change me for the remainder of my life.  My mother passed away suddenly at the young age of 63.  My grieving process has been extremely difficult.  If you are a Motherless Daughter, you understand that process all too well.

For the last couple of Mother’s Days, I have mourned like no other.  I barely got out of bed.  I cried and I mean that ugly cry the ENTIRE day.  I didn’t take a shower and I barely ate.  What I totally missed is what I was doing to my children.
My children had to sit back and endure that pain too. 
   During my grieving process they not only lost their grandmother, but they lost their Mother too.  I didn’t celebrate my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…the list goes on.  I struggled with finding my way as a mom again, hell as a person even.  My mother created traditions that I just had no clue how to continue.  It was literally killing me but more importantly it was killing my relationship with my kids.  How could I take away such joyous times?
Just a few months ago, I found myself in a place where I was finally at peace with losing my mother.  YES it will always hurt but some way I found peace.  In finding peace, I found myself.  I am a MOM!  Not just any MOM.  I am Peanut 1 & 2’s mom.  It doesn’t get any better than that.
So today I ran a 5K in support of all my Motherless Daughters and tomorrow I will run a 5K in memory of my MOM.  It is important to create memories and traditions with your kids so the Sullivan Family will be celebrating again! Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Stop, Drop & Celebrate
Dee is a single mom of two who has thoroughly enjoyed parenting her son who is now 21 and daughter who is 16.  She calls them Peanut 1 & 2.  Dee enjoys her job as a Sales & Business Coach which allows her to work at home as well as travel.

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