Forget Yoga Pants, I Want Pajama Casual!

yoga pantsWhen I was on maternity leave I read multiple articles in defense of the yoga pant mommy uniform. These are just a few of my favorites:

I totally understand the yoga pants hype. Yoga pants are easy. They make you feel like you got dressed, a little. I could wear black or cute colors and if I paired it with the right type of shirt I felt like I tried.

Then I returned to work… As a working mother every day I am responsible for getting myself and two other tiny humans cleaned, dressed and out the door. This is no easy feat. It often means that I only wear eyeliner and lip gloss and most of the time I have to apply it in the car before I walk into work. I have also discovered an awesome hair trick that prevents me from having to wash and blow out my hair every single day. (Hint: I just wash my crown) That is unless I roll out of bed with semi wet hair that I pretend looks beach blown. Some days this works better than others. Despite my shortcuts or tricks, Monday thru Friday I have to be presentable and so do my children.

After seeing the coin from both sides, I see a gross inequality in comfort occurring for working mothers. That is why I am calling out the yoga pants groupies, a club in which I once held membership. I work all day in dress pants or suits. I wear heels and dresses. Therefore, screw yoga pants. I am empowering pajama pants.
pajama pantsWhy pajama pants? Pajamas pants aren’t just comfy, they are breathable. Have you ever noticed how yoga pants can be a little stifling? We have all had those days were we peeled them off. Enter pajama pants. They are made in different fabrics that don’t stick to your thighs. If it is hot outside there is a light weight cotton variety. If the weather turns cold you can grab your flannel pair. They might make your rear look a little saggy, but they are easy to slip on and they come in fun patterns. Yoga pants can’t compete with cute patterns!
It also is about what is fair. If you stay at home or work from home your attire needs are completely different. Yoga pants are your dress pants. You probably have your good pair and your only around the house pair. That means you get to be comfortable all day. However, moms that work outside the home have a totally different requirement for our wardrobes. We aren’t better than anyone else, we are just required to own and wear business attire that is much more constraining and much less comfortable. Trust me, we have yoga pant envy. I would love to see an email saying – casual Friday now allows yoga pants. That is why in the name of comfort equality I am nominating the pajama pant as the working mother’s non-working uniform. After all of our work week effort we deserve a little extra comfy.
Peace, Love and Pajama Casual,
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