About Spring Break 2015

Stop, drop and shake:  The fire drills while raising teens and young adults
Spring break
Twas the week before Spring Break and all thru the house, Lil Peanut was plotting as loud as a mouse.  Mommy, can I go to the Beach with my friends?  Beach?, chile what happened to us going to New York City???  She says,  “yeah, about that…”
Fast Forward a few days… While I was very preoccupied, Lil Peanut says, “Mommy, things aren’t working out, can you take us?”  In an obvious deranged state of mind I said yes.  Empire, Scandal or House of Cards must have been on because I didn’t even hesitate.
So we rented an SUV and headed to South Myrtle Beach for the week.  I believe each girl packed enough to change 3 times per day.  Yes do the math…bags were everywhere.  We hit the road and it was like a dance party all the way.  I haven’t danced and sang so much since…oh yeah, I forgot about the MJ snapchat performance.  Anywho…
The group of girls I had were eager to explore their surroundings, but smart enough to be afraid of the unknown.  Curfew was set at midnight and of course it was my Lil Peanut that decided to push the envelope just a bit.  Needless to say I was out the door at 12:05am.  When I got to the I found her in the lobby. Lil Peanut’s response was “Well, we were at the hotel”.   For the first time I put myself in her shoes and reacted totally differently.  Instead of yelling and screaming about how unsafe the beach could be I had a very calm conversation about my experience at her age and how it’s not always the child that parents worry about, we also worry about those around them.  Her friends joined and the night ended without any attitudes.  Yes!!!! So you know that glass of wine you were instructed to have for this post?  It’s now time to take a sip.  I would like to make a toast to my 16 year old for not getting an attitude… Until the next day.  Yes it was too good to be true.
glass of wine
On our way back home the girls said “we can’t wait until you take us next year Ms. Dee, but next year we want to go somewhere else”.  I thought to myself, yeah of course. Then Lil Peanut says, “Mommy, I wouldn’t want to go on Spring Break without you, I want to make sure I’m safe.” Say it ain’t so, Yes… A Proud Mom!  And she is not fooling me, she wants to make sure my wallet is on that trip.  Ha!
Dee and Peanut 2
Stop, Drop and Beach,
Next time on Stop, Drop and Shake… Motherless Daughters, this will be a tough one but just in time for Mother’s Day.

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