Mommy, Can You Please Stay Home Today?

surprise days off

My son, F, will go through stretches where he is fine with me heading out the door to work every morning, pausing during breakfast to give me a hug and say “have a good day!” Other times, he will crawl in bed to snuggle in the morning and beg me to stay home. He will say things like “can’t they just give you money and you can stay home.” (Not really sure who he thinks “they” are, but it sounds like a good deal!) Another day he might say “Don’t you want to stay home with me?” It breaks my heart to tell him I have to go, because I really wish I could stay home. So I’ve started planning “surprise days off” for him when he’s having a tough time with me leaving, but not too often because there are only so many vacation days…

Some of the things we do on Surprise Days are:

–          Snuggle in the morning

–          Have breakfast together

–          Read a big stack of books

–          Play at the park with a picnic lunch

–          Watch a movie together

–          Color together (he loves when we color a page from the giant books together)

–          Field Trip – since we homeschool, these are good days for a field trip to the zoo, museum, apple orchard/cider mill in the fall, a farm, or just about anywhere. It’s often less crowded during the week, so I usually try to take a day off to do these things

What do you do with the kids when you take days off?


Briana - mommywurk story winnerBriana is married to Dean, stay-at-home/homeschooling dad to their 6 year old son. She works in accounting for a construction firm and helps homeschool on nights and weekends. She is currently fundraising for the JDRF since her son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 2 years old. You can donate to her team at here. 


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