40 is the New 20… Myth!

Dee - MommyWurk 1Stop, Drop & Shake -The fire drills when raising teens & young adults

I often wonder what I was thinking my first few years of parenting.  I became a mom at the ripe age of 22 dead smack in the middle of my senior year in college.  Actually, my preemie couldn’t wait until I graduated and debuted at 32 weeks.  Yes I missed a few senior year festivities… I digress.

Around year 5 of Mommyhood I decided to try it again since I was so much more mature ha! I quickly created this false sense of reality. I actually adopted the motto “My life will start over when I turn 40”.  That’s when my oldest, Peanut 1,  turned 18.  Well I’m 43 now and my life has definitely started over but not quite how I imagined it.

I lost my mom at the age of 40 and I quickly realized that I no longer had her to lean on during such a tough time not only in Mommyhood but in life period.  My peanuts are 21 & 16 now and I couldn’t be further from “starting over, as I once described it” back in my 20’s.
Dee -MommyWurk Graduation
The myths…
Sleeping in… Wrong, Peanut 2 gets up at 5am and this is actually the best time to get some one on one time with her before she heads out into this hectic world.  It is pitch black outside and so what if I look like I’m walking a kindergartner to the bus.  You can NEVER be too careful especially with a teenager.
License at 16… In my dreams!  The teens these days are, how can I say this, just a little different.  They socialize with their friends on social media so the need to drive is placed on hold but only by a year or so.  So yes, I still have to pick up things from the grocery store that I forgot. Such a bummer!  But I practically know my daughters every move which is comforting.
No more homework help… Yaay! Wait, What?  They may not need help with their homework because I can’t help with AFM, better known as Advanced Functions & Modeling or whatever it stands for.  Oh yeah it’s a Math class, but you need to make sure they are applying themselves daily and not just surfing the net or sending snapchats.  Are you saying what’s snapchat?  Yes I’ve been featured in Peanut 2’s snapchats and they are not fun!!!  She videotaped me singing Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be Startin’ Something” and posted it.  I can’t sang a lick but at least my hair was done that day. Dee MommyWurk - Daughter
So I guess you can surely say my life HAS started over.  With the loss of my mom and these new age teens I have learned that now more than ever I NEED to be Mom and a very involved mom at that.  And honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way! They keep me young!  Gotta run… Peanut 1 wants to negotiate his contract at home, he only has a few months left and I do not plan to extend it.  This should be interesting. He is 21 now!
Next time on Stop, Drop & Shake I will share my Spring Break experience with five 16 yr olds.  Bring a glass of wine!
Stop, Drop & Myths
Ms. Dee
Stop, drop and shake is what Dee often feels she does as a mother of older children. She is constantly stopping, dropping her head and shaking it back and forth in amazement or disbelief. Stay tuned for more engaging stories from our newest MommyWurk contributor. 
Ms. Dee MommyWurk BioDee is a single mom of two who has thoroughly enjoyed parenting her son who is now 21 and daughter who is 16.  She calls them Peanut 1 & 2.  Dee enjoys her job as a Sales & Business Coach which allows her to work at home as well as travel.

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