Watchful Mama

Some of my favorite moments are watching my children when they don’t realize I am there or when they are playing with Andy. I feel like I am watching a little piece of me interact with the world. I always feel like I learn so much by watching and listening to them when they are not directly interacting with me.

On Saturday after dinner H wanted to go to our neighborhood park.As parents I believe in the power of yes. There are so many times you have to tell your toddler no. “No you can’t have that knife on the table. ” “No, you can’t drink out of the dog bowl.” No, stop, don’t hit your brother/sister.” That is why whenever we can say yes, we like to. Saturday was one of those days. We had a little bit of time. So when H asked, “Go to park?” We went.

Baby C2 was sleeping when we arrived. I volunteered to stay with him so Andy and H could go check out the lake. I sat by the playground holding a sleeping baby on my chest watching. It was super quite. We were the only ones there, which is a rare treat. It was cool, wet and overcast. It had drizzled all day long making everything sparkle with raindrops.  I watched my little boy swagger around the lake picking up rocks and throwing them into the pond to watch the splash. I saw how he looked for rocks and marched up and down the trail following his daddy. He exuded confidence.

My chest also swelled as I saw Andy show him how to pick the best rocks and helped him find secret rock hiding places.

These moments are the best.

Peace, Love and Watchfulness,



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