Finally Friday!

It's FridayIsn’t there something special about Friday night? The anticipation of Friday evening fills me with excitement. I can see Saturday and Sunday stretched before me with endless possibility, fun and finally a break from the daily grind. As a working mom I count down the minutes to Friday. In fact, the countdown starts relatively early. I am not too proud to admit that most of the time my countdown starts Sunday night. I hate to work for the weekend, but Friday means less rush. We can wake up and take our time with breakfast. We get to enjoy each other. H & Baby C2 love Fridays too. You can feel their excitement when they know the weekend is coming. Just as much as their parents they need the down time.

That is why packing our weekends with stuff makes it super hard on the whole family. My favorite weekends are weekends were we get to be at home with very few plans. That doesn’t mean we don’t do stuff though. Some of our favorite relaxing kiddo activities include:

  • Going swimming
  • Going to the play ground
  • Going to the park or lake
  • Going to a splash pad
  • Watching a kid friendly TV show
  • Playing in the playroom
  • Riding bikes
  • Reading books
  • Taking walks
  • Making breakfast and dinners together
  • Going to the grocery store (H loves this little chore so we make it a fun activity)
  • Wearing flip flops. We can’t wear flip flops at work or school so we make this a fun thing to do on the weekends.
  • Getting frozen yogurt
  • Playing trucks
  • Playing in the sandbox
  • Exploring the backyard
  • Hanging with our pups
  • Jumping on the trampoline
  • Hiding in tents
  • Building forts
  • & just plain being silly

Peace, Love & Happy Friday,


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