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Congratulations to Briana, our MommyWurk Story winner! Read her bio and entry below. We think she is pretty amazing. Look for more posts from Briana during the month of May!

While expecting our son, my husband and I planned for both of us to continue to work. That was the plan, up until I gave birth and was home on maternity leave. I couldn’t imagine both of us working while someone else raised our son, so I started playing with the numbers to see if we could make it on one income. I was hoping to be able to stay home myself, but the numbers didn’t add up. When I crunched them again using only my income, we could eek by. So, I broached the subject with my husband and asked if he wanted to be a stay at home dad. He was a bit surprised, but eager to take the plunge. That is when we became one of the 2 million families with fathers who are home with their children.

The scenario was perfect because we lived less than a mile from my employer. I was able to have breakfast with my son, come home for lunch with him and to lay him down for his afternoon nap, and be home with plenty of time to spend with him in the evening. Having a parent at home is a luxury. It’s especially important for us, as our son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 2 years old, and then with Celiac Disease at age 5. Knowing that my husband is caring for our son while I am at work puts me at ease in a way that daycare could not. I know that my son is being cared for by someone who loves him as much as I do and that is priceless.

As our son got older and began public pre-school, we talked about my husband returning to work. But, we realized that even though he would be in school, one of us would have to be able to drop everything to get to our son in the event of a diabetes emergency. We also knew that the care he received at school would be no match for the care he receives at home. So, we decided midway through his preschool years that we would homeschool our son. When we decided to have a child, we never thought we would be a homeschooling family with a stay at home dad, but it’s what works for our family. And, as I explained to my son once when he asked why I don’t stay home with him I said, “Every family is different. Some families have a Mommy who stays home and a Daddy who works, some have a Mommy who stays home and a Daddy that works, and some have a family where both Mommy and Daddy work, or where there is just a Mom or just a Dad. Each family does what’s right for them.”



Briana - mommywurk story winnerBriana is married to Dean, stay-at-home/homeschooling dad to their 6 year old son. She works in accounting for a construction firm and helps homeschool on nights and weekends. She is currently fundraising for the JDRF since her son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 2 years old. You can donate to her team at here. 

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