birth story

The Birth Story

My pregnancy lasted forever. Perhaps it is because we knew so early that I was pregnant, but it never seemed to end. Getting to the gender reveal was such a big milestone. I couldn’t believe it was finally here. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Andy and I both took the day off of work so that we could fully enjoy it. They told us right away during the ultrasound that we were having a boy. We were both thrilled. We were going to have a crazy, fun little boy running around our house soon. I couldn’t contain myself. We went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants downtown after the ultrasound to celebrate and then we went to Buy Buy Baby to pick out his crib bedding set. I didn’t want to do anything to the nursery until we knew the sex. We couldn’t help but talk about names. Oh, the name game. This game would continue for quite some time. Poor H. It took us forever to pick out his name.

As the pregnancy went along we didn’t have any major hiccups or issues. There were lots of little things to do and watch, but nothing that was insurmountable. I think it is because we had such a time getting to this point that I focused on every aspect of pregnancy. I diligently did kick counts, I sung to my belly, I read books to H in utero, and I genuinely was present and engaged for the whole pregnancy.

Toward the end, I told Andy toward that I thought H would come early. It was just a feeling I had. The way my body felt and the way H was positioned, I didn’t think I had much longer. The last trimester was brutal. Once I hit 35 weeks I felt awful every day and I was having large contractions. On the first day of week 36 my water spontaneously broke. This was it. We were having a baby. I was nervous because he would be premature, but at least he was a late term preemie.

We rushed to the hospital in rush hour traffic. I had not dilated very far when we got there so I decided to walk awhile. I walked up and down the hall of the hospital as the contractions started getting worse and worse. The way H was positioned had him pushing right on my sciatic nerve. By the time I decided I wanted an epidural I had waited way too long. I couldn’t feel any belly contractions, but the back labor racked my body with pain. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lie down. All I could do was stand in one position and rock slightly with the wave of the contractions. As they were administering my epidural my position dropped H’s blood pressure. They had to put an oxygen mask on me. I remember this scared me to death and I tried to tell them not to worry about the epidural I would try to handle the pain, but I couldn’t get the words out before they were finished. Once the epidural was in place the intensity stopped. The pain was gone. I was able to breathe, think and rest. When they finally told me I was ready to push I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was time. “This seems too easy,” I thought.


Baby H came into this world very early on a Saturday morning during snow; his father came almost the exact same way more than 30 years earlier.

After over 6 years of tears, heartache, trying and failing our beautiful baby is finally here & he is amazing!

Peace, Love & Birth Stories,


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