I Need A Date Night

Lately I feel a little like the Lady Antebellum song Downtown. “I don’t know why you don’t take me down town anymore…” Actually, I do. We have kids… For those of you without kids this seems like a simple problem. Get a baby sitter. Go out on the town. You need a break.

“You have no idea what you are talking about.”


Date Night - Lucy Scott's Doodle Diary of A New Mom

Lucy Scott’s Doodle Diary of A New Mom

Michael McIntyre’s comedy routine on the differences between people with children and
without nails it on the head. I love my boys. I love their fun and crazy antics. Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing H struggle with his desire to get into a bounce house and his fear of the bounce house. I couldn’t help him. Adults were not allowed, but I supported him. I let him make the choice. I gave him time to make the choice and I politely asked the lady watching the time clock if he could have a second chance since he needed his first to think about it. Seeing him actually start to enjoy it and then get excited and want to tell everyone what he did was amazing. I also got he chance to see Baby C2 army crawl his way around one of our rooms which is a super proud Mommy moment, but some where there is the old me buried deep down inside this new post pregnancy body of big boobs and stretch marks. Right? Or as Michael would say, “Look at the new restaurant. We will never eat there.” Why? Because I day dream about sleep and even on the off chance I do sleep I still dream about sleeping more. I sleep so little that even a few consecutive hours makes me feel like I can move mountains.

Andy I talk about dates. We actually even plan them in some of our conversations.These conversations have taken the place of our “What would we do if we won the lottery” conversations.

As the Holderness Family video suggests maybe one day we will get some Mommy & Daddy time, but until then I will remember our former date nights and freedom fondly and I will try to catch up on some sleep. Finally, I will not get mad at Andy for finishing House of Cards without me. (I might have been the one to do that, but who is counting.) We have an amazing family and I am going to enjoy every second I can, because I betcha when we can go on those future dates we will spend it reliving our favorite H & Baby C2 moments.

Peace, Love & Date Nights Got Me Into This Wonderful Mess,



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