Running on Empty

long week tired momI am out of gas. Exhaustion has set in. The kind of exhaustion that sneaks up on you. It slowly overtakes you in places like the hair salon or while you are driving. It is the kind you almost need to smack your self across the face so that you don’t doze off mid sentence… zzzzzzz…. Sorry!

There are a variety of reasons I am exhausted. Most of them having to do with all of the things we are doing. I  want to simplify, but you have to give the kids a bath and they do need food. Therefore, I can basically only simplify to a point and today doing anything other than making sure they are safe is difficult.

So here I am on a Friday afternoon at lunch trying desperately not to fall asleep. I am also praying a little that Baby C2’s teething gives us a break.  Anyone want to deliver us dinner. Heck just H’s dinner. I don’t need to eat. All this mamma needs is some beauty sleep.

Peace, Love & Slumbering,



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