Spring has Sprung!

The leaves are a vibrant green. The days are a little warmer. It is spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love the in between seasons of spring and fall. Where I live we kind of skipped spring last year. We went straight from the snow of winter to the 90+ days of summer.

So imagine my excitement when spring decided to make an appearance this year. The cool 60-70 degree days combined with the sunshine just make for perfect walks in the evenings or playing outside with the kiddos.

To introduce H and Baby C2 to spring we decided to plant flowers. One of the grandmothers gave them seeds, potting soil and Easter buckets. Yesterday was such a gorgeous day and being that it was Easter it seemed the perfect time to soak up some sun and play in the grass.

We started by showing H how to fill his bucket with soil. This was his favorite part. He filled the

planting activity

bucket several times before we were allowed to move on to the next step He helped Baby C2 fill his bucket too – well “help” is the operative word. Baby C2’s desire to grab the bag and stick his fingers in the dirt impeded H’s progress. H’s solution was to put a mound of dirt in front of the baby so that he could play with that and not interfere with his bucket filling. Little stinker! Once we were able to transition, H added seeds, pushed them down into the buckets and we had him help add a little bit of water. We choose flowers and green beans for our seeds. Once the project was complete we let H go back to filling things with dirt. Including his construction hat –>

Baby C2 enjoyed playing with the dirt. It was a great sensory activity. I was surprised that he didn’t put it in his mouth. I also really enjoyed rolling around in the grass. It was cool and I think the tickling feeling of it on his face and feet made him laugh.

Keep your fingers crossed we see some plant activity soon and that I remember to keep watering them…. 😛

a boy and his shovel

Off to dig more dirt

Here is a list of the items you need in case you want to plant with your little ones:

  1. Buckets or plastic pots
  2. Potting Soil
  3. Seeds – choose any kind you like
  4. Clothes – dress them, and you, in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Dirt flew everywhere!
  5. Watering can or pitcher
  6. Small plastic shovel

What neat activities do you like to do to help your children learn about the seasons? We love learning from you!

Peace, Love & Spring!



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