acupuncture for infertility

The Acupuncture Trial

After my boxing match with modern medicine I didn’t want to darken the door of a doctors’ office. That is probably what made me very adamant about using natural methods to try and get pregnant. I continued my interval training, but I added acupuncture to my regime. Once a week I went for my treatments. They lasted about an hour and the Acupuncturist would place needles in different places depending on my symptoms and where I was in my cycle. I would lay down on a table in a dark room with relaxing music and feel the needles tingle and shoot sensation across my synapses. The other part of my treatment was drinking warm herbs. My core temperature is normally 96.8, that isn’t a typo. Therefore, I needed to warm up my body to help an egg implant. Despite my continued efforts toward weight loss during this time period I lost nothing. My Acupuncturist explained that sometimes the body can only focus on one major thing at a time. Since my energy was focused on getting pregnant, it was not being used to lose weight.fertility monitor

At the same time I was also using several, expensive devices to monitor my ovulation. Every day I would pee on a stick or place a saliva tester on my tongue. These tests were supposed to read hormone changes and thus know when I was ovulating. When I got close to ovulation the pressure to make sure we were together was intense and trying to hit the correct day felt like a crap shoot.

After four months of acupuncture sessions, herbs, only eating and drinking warm food and micromanaging the heck out of our sex life the only thing I knew was that I possibly had had a chemical pregnancy. The stringent regime was stressing me out. The opposite of what is good for getting pregnant. To help appease my type A personality, I decided to head back to the Reproductive Endocrinologist. She tested my blood and told me I had not ovulated the month before. This was despite my expensive equipment having said that I did. I felt let down and sad. We discussed the thinking that getting pregnant again the first year after a miscarriage is usually easier and she told me that I may only need to ovulate to get pregnant. “Not having enough ‘chances at bat’ can prevent things from every happening,” she said. I agreed. I felt like the acupuncture was doing something, but I need to take it up a notch. “Let’s start with some basic fertility treatment,” I said.

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