5 Quick & Easy Meals for Working Moms

5 quick and easy meals for working moms

If you are like me you dread the nearing of dinner time. Why can’t going out to eat be healthy and inexpensive? I enjoy making food for my family, but I just don’t have much time! With a lot of research and a little bit of preparation you can overcome the dinner time woes. Below I have 5 of my go to meals listed with instructions. What are your favorite quick and easy dinners? I am building a repertoire so please share in the comments!

Avocado grilled cheese & Kale chips – Inspiration from 100DaysofRealFood.com


Whole Wheat Bread
White Cheddar Cheese – I prefer the sharp variety
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Sea Salt


  1. Spread a small amount of coconut oil on each slice of bread
  2. Put two slices of white cheddar cheese on one slice
  3. Slice up an avocado and place slices on top of the cheese
  4. Place both pieces face up in the oven for 60 seconds or until cheese is melted. Be careful, if you walk away to do something else the bread could burn.
  5. Take 4 cups of kale pulled away from the stem and place them on a cooking pan. Make sure the chips are all touching the pan
  6. Mix it with 2 teaspoons olive oil
  7. Put in the oven on 425 for 3 minutes. Remove pan and flip all of the kale pieces. Replace for 2 minutes.
  8. Remove from oven sprinkle with sea salt to taste and enjoy

Taco Salad


2lb of Grass Fed Ground Beef (8-12 servings)
Taco Seasoning
Freshly Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese – we prefer to shred our own cheese, but you could buy shredded to save a step
Tortilla Chips – Garden Fresh Gourmet Strips are my favorite
Power Greens or Spring Mix
Salsa – Garden Fresh Gourmet Brand is my favorite


  1. Brown meat on medium high heat until cooked through
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of taco seasoning until it covers the beef well
  3. Drain excessive water off of beef
  4. Place plates of meat, cheese, greens chips and salsa on the table and have everyone make their own
  5. Hint: Make sure that you put all items in resealable containers so after dinner you can store leftovers quickly.

Veggie Quinoa Pasta


Shredded veggies – I prefer zucchini or squash, carrots and broccoli
Any type of Quinoa Pasta
Parmesan Cheese Finely Grated
Sea Salt


  1. Boil water and add Quinoa pasta until cooked
  2. Shred veggies – this step can be done in advance to save time
  3. Pan fry veggies with olive oil, garlic and salt to taste
  4. Add veggie medley to top of pasta and top with parmesan

Snack Super

Ingredients: Whatever you have in the fridge!

Directions: This is one of my favorites. Everyone picks whatever they want to eat for dinner. H usually has yogurt and fruit. Andy and I usually eat leftovers or a sandwich. It is quick, easy and we all still get to be together.

Eggs in a Basket & Berry Fruit Salad – Inspiration from 100DaysofRealFood.com



Sea Salt
Whole Grain Bread


  1. Place a pat of butter in a frying pan on medium heat
  2. Using a cookie cutter cut out shapes from the center of your bread
  3. Place the cutouts and the bread in the heated frying pan
  4. Crack one egg into the whole you made in the bread
  5. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper to taste
  6. Once the egg is cooked flip
  7. You can also add kale or spinach to your egg basket
  8. Put on a plate and serve with cut up strawberries and blueberries


Image credit: ohsheglows.com






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