Mommy Unplugged

I love my family, but there are times when I need my own brain to be still. I know when I need a break because I start to fritz like a worn out electrical device. For me, the fritzes have three stages:

Stage 1: I lose everything especially my mind. The shoes I just bought the baby have grown legs and wondered off. The eggs I bought at the store never made it home, but really they did. They are already in the fridge. 

For those of you that received a half finished post, my apologies. Baby C2 decided to make his publishing debut while nursing by grabbing my phone. 😁

Stage 2: I take forgetfulness to a whole new level. Basic things don’t happen. Baby bottle for day care are left at home, I completely miss meetings and I lose track of days. 

Stage 3: I break things. Things like my cell phone. Not on purpose. I just become really clumsy and lose all depth perception. It can be a very expensive stage and is usually the outcome of doing too much. 

adult coloring

My adult coloring moment.

What is a mama to do? Take a few minutes or if you can a couple of hours for yourself. Ideally you do this before the fritzes start. Get a sitter or wait until the kids are in bed. Put down the cell phone! Surfing the Internet is not as relaxing as you might think. For most moms we are still on. I usually end up buying diapers on Amazon or start to plan the next birthday party. None of these things are breaks. Here are a few disconnected relaxation ideas to help you prevent the fritzes:

  • Read a real book – the kind with a spine
  • Color – the web has a ton of coloring pages for adults that have intricate designs or landscapes. Print some out, grab some crayons or colored pencils and reconnect with your inner child.
  • Watch a movie – maybe one of those recent Oscar winners you have been meaning to see
  • Enjoy a glass of wine and the sunset
  • Bake something for pure enjoyment – not for the school bake sale
  • Have a conversation with a friend in person
  • Go on a date with your partner, husband or if you are a single mom someone new. You deserve a little fun.
  • Take a walk
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Book a weekend getaway – go camping, get a mountain cabin or head to the beach.

What are your ideas to unplug and relax a little?

Peace, Love & No More Fritzes,



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